Tournament Arkanoid (1987)

Tournament Arkanoid was the first sequel to the original classic Arkanoid from 1986. It is fairly unknown because it was never ported to other systems and it was exclusive to the Unites States. The game play and power-ups are identical to the original, but it is much more difficult. It is also a lot of fun!

I’m a sucker for unique controls and the spinner is something you can really only experience on an actual arcade. After applying some white lithium grease to the bushings and gears in the gear boxes, the spinners feel great! They are very precise.

I would imagine that the cocktail version of this game is even more rare than the standup version. The original Arkanoid did not support cocktail mode unless you had a bootleg version. Both Arkanoid and Tournament Arkanoid were never sold in dedicated cabinets. My cabinet was originally a Donkey Kong, Jr. machine.

Below is my review of the game:

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