Apple Macintosh Computers

Computer: Macintosh 128K
Year Released: 1984

Does this computer even need an introduction? It’s the first Macintosh! While the Apple Lisa was failing to make a dent in the market due to its $10,000 price tag (which I believe is still the market price for it!), the more affordable Macintosh sold relatively well and used a similar GUI as the Lisa. The Macintosh featured a Motorola 68000 processor, a 9″ built-in B&W screen, a built-in 3.5″ disk drive (at a time when 5.25″ floppies reigned supreme), and even had a handy handle to carry it around.

Watch my teardown/review of it below:


Computer: Macintosh Portable
Year Released: 1989

This was Apple’s first laptop. It was large, cumbersome, had low battery life, and a hard to see non-back-lit screen. So why are these things considered collectables? The original model only lasted a year and a half before it was replaced by a back-lit version. It does have the claim to fame of being the first laptop to be used in space to send an e-mail.


Computer: Macintosh IIsi
Year Released: 1990

The IIsi was the poor man’s IIci, complete with a smaller case and a modified motherboard that was stripped down to a single Processor Direct Slot. However, the computer proved to be quite successful in homes and schools and was capable of color graphics.

I bought my unit off craigslist for $20. It included the computer, a Radius full page display monitor, a boxed Shufflepuck Cafe, and a fried cockroach under one of the chips.

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