Apple IIGS Vegas PVT (1986)

This is an early prototype unit (S/N 56) created about 4 months prior to the IIGS’s commercial debut. The date on motherboard is P8614 (14th week of 1986). The case is made from a smoother, lighter weight plastic when compared to later models. It uses the IIGS upgrade badges rather than the IIGS silkscreen label. The motherboard has “SKA321 03” written below the RAM chips where it would normally say “Apple //GS”. Also, the VGC is soldered into the main board, not socketed. This particular unit was previously owned by Dave Calbert, an Apple Senior Software Engineer from 1982 – 1993.

I’ve read that some of the early protoypes use a IIBF ROM (pre-ROM 00), but mine has the ROM-01 installed. Also, some prototype boards were placed in a IIe case and were known as the Cortland IIGS (sometimes called “Copeland”)?

More Pictures:
Full Motherboard
SKA-123 Tag

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