Mobile Games

Mobile Games

1) Lamb Chops! (2014):
Here is my first game for the android platform. I thought it would be a fun little project to learn Java and port one of my Apple II games to a mobile device and what better game to choose than Lamb Chops! For those unfamiliar with the game, you play as a shotgun-wielding sheep farmer who must protect his flock as they cross a dangerous prairie full of assorted creatures. Because the original game was written in 6502 assembly, I had to completely re-write the game from scratch. I took the opportunity to smooth out some of the gameplay and added some new features, but I made sure to preserve the Apple II look and feel. Most of the sounds you hear in the game are direct samples from the Apple II original and I made sure to only use supported Apple II colors!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the game and since I now have a good framework in place, I may create additional games in the future. Check it out and have fun!

Install Lamb Chops! Here


1) Surf Shooter (2014):
How does one describe Surf Shooter? Well, you play as a business goat who moonlights as a tough laser equipped surfer. Along with all the deadly marine life, you’ll also be encountering other surfers who want you off their wave.

Surf Shooter was heavily influenced by one of my favorite NES games: Town & Country Surf Designs. Only I’ve fixed the awkward controls that have plagued players for decades and included weapons and upgrades and new characters. I designed and programmed the game in Java using Eclipse. I drew all the graphics in good old Microsoft Paint (and did the touch ups in Photoshop). All music is courtesy of Matt McFarland through his website: All sound effects are from

I was able to leverage most of the framework from my first Java game, Lamb Chops, as well as the API coding to enable Google Play and Admob services. Under normal circumstances I probably could have busted out the game in no longer than 2 weeks, but with a then 10 week old baby and a heavy work schedule I was limited to working in 30 minute chunks any chance I got (which were few) so total development time lasted about 6-7 weeks.

Install Surf Shooter Here