PolyMorphic System 8813 (1977)

The System 8813 was an early S-100 based computer that used an 8080 CPU running at 1.84 Mhz and could have up to 56K of memory. It was the 2nd computer released by PolyMorphic and the first to use floppy disk drives. In fact, the computer was offered with 1-to-3 full-size 5.25″ floppy drives.

The disk operating system was called EXEC and was pretty sophisticated for the time. In addition to supporting basic disk management options (file-copy, delete, disk-copy, undelete, etc), it also supported subdirectories and up to 31-character file names. There were also full-featured business applications and languages such as BASIC for programmers.

The serial number of my unit is 5529. Like the NorthStar Horizon also from 1977, the computer came with a wooden case, a trend that would not last long with computers…

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