Commodore Computers

Computer: Amiga 500
Year Released: 1987

The Amiga 500 was the cost-reduced successor to the Amiga 1000. It used the popular Motorola 68000 CPU running at just over 7 MHz. The computer made use of several custom chips and had spectacular sound and graphics capabilities.

I picked up the computer, 1084S-D Monitor, and hundreds of disks from a generous seller off Craigslist. Thanks, Marcus! I recently had to replace the motherboard of the computer.

Here is a tear-down video I did demonstrating the process.


Computer: Amiga 2000HD
Year Released: 1987

The 2000HD was an expandable, “big box” computer that used many of the same components as the Amiga 500. However, unlike the 500, this model was aimed at the high-end market. It was similar to the 2000 model, but came with a SCSI-based hard drive and controller card built-in.

I picked up the unit from a garage sale for $30, but it didn’t come with any peripherals or software. After tightening a few of the internal connections, it booted up just fine.

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