Tiger Learning Computer (1996)

The Tiger Learning Computer was the last commercially sold Apple II computer. It looked like an old NoteBook computer, but underneath it was an Enhanced Apple IIe with a 65c02 processor and 128K of RAM.

Tiger was able to get Apple to license the Apple IIe technology to build the computer. They also had a licensing agreement with Microsoft to use Applesoft BASIC. This made it one of the very last (if not the last) computer to have BASIC stored in ROM.

It was sold for only a few months starting in 1996 as part of a test market phase. Only 4 cities had the computer available: Minneapolis, Atlanta, St. Louis and Dallas.

Upon his return to Apple, Steve Jobs cancelled all programs that licensed the MacOS and Apple II technologies. That was the end for the Tiger Learning Computer.

Watch my video review below to learn more about the unique capabilities and limitations of this obscure computer:

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